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Vessel Specific Familiarisation

It is well known that seafarers have to be familiar with several regulations in order to follow up vessel`s tight operational schedule.

In these days after five years of ISM implementation it is clear that many of the problems faced are mainly due to ineffective crew familiarisation with several company or regulatory requirements.



Common problems faced in these days are:

  • Small companies do not have the expertise to properly address the issue of crew training effectively.

  • Training should incorporate a wide range of aspects that in most of the cases are not being addressed.

  • Seafarers flying directly to vessel are not getting any kind of company induction before joining vessel.

  • System for the documentation of training is not effective.


Compliance with regulations

The training application developed by SQE provides the most cost & time effective crew / shore based personnel familiarisation with vessel specific arrangements combined with safety and ISM


Company's requirements

The application is being tailored on a company SMS specific basis to incorporate any special requirement using & explaining presentation materials such ship?s specific video, photos & plans to enhance understanding as it could be live familiarisation.



  • Two (2) hours of clear and comprehensive crew training and familiarization.

  • Lessons can be completed by the trainee in several sessions at his own pace.

  • Audio speech for every topic and screen is provided in order to enhance understanding of the lesson.


  • At the end of each lesson, a set of random questions is generated with multiple choices for the specific rank of the trainee.

  • Database of questions is created by SQE for each rank, based on client's SMS documentation and vessel's specific procedures & arrangements.

  • Graphical representation of assessment progress.

  • Trainees' results and learning process data are accessible only by the person responsible for monitoring training progress.

  • Training Certificate printout with pass/failure status for every seafarer.

  • Easy monitoring of on & off signers database of results.

  • Easy monitoring of persons who have completed or not the training sessions.



Company's System & Vessel description

  • Description of company's Safety Management System & Security system.

  • Shipboard Video tour (vessel specific) in way of main deck, accommodation and engine room areas with specific explanations and additional instructions.

Emergency Procedures

  • Ship's emergency organization.

  • Composition of emergency squads.

  • Tasks & duties of each emergency squad.

  • Sound recognition of abandon, flooding and other emergency alarms.

  • Designated muster stations and assembly instructions.

  • Rank specific duties & responsibilities in fire, abandon & pollution prevention emergencies.

LSA / FFA / Pollution Prevention equipment

  • Description of Life saving appliances and location point out on the ship?s life saving appliances plan.

  • Description of fire fighting equipment and location point out on the ship?s life saving appliances plan.

  • Video presentation on donning fireman?s outfit & breathing apparatus.

  • Description of pollution prevention equipment.

Security procedures & equipment

  • Personnel & duties of security watch.

  • Access control description with video animation.

  • Security patrols? main duties.

  • Security patrols? action at all security levels when at port and when underway.


Shipboard Drills & Occupational Safety

  • General requirements for crew participation in drills.

  • Step-by-step description of abandon ship drill with video.

  • Step-by-step description of a fire drill with video.

  • Record keeping.

  • Occupational safety regarding personal protective equipment & work permit system.


Used by

The application requires no advanced computer skills and it can be used by:

  • Office personnel responsible for the seafarers or shore based personnel familiarisation.

  • Manning Agents during engagement process of seafarers.

  • Newly recruited seafarers during ashore or on board familiarisation / induction.

  • On board training Officers & Instructors.

  • Full Tailoring of each specific application.


  • Fully tailored to client specific requirements.

  • Consistent with Company ISM or any other additional standard requirements.

  • Accompanied with introduction / instruction material in order to accelerate introduction onboard.

  • Up to date with future legislation in accordance with our Support Policy.


SQE Marine Group provides full support with:

  • Standard instructions for the material provided to SQE Marine Group covering presentation material and Company's SMS documentation.

  • On site demonstration.

  • User training.

  • Application updates depending the contract terms.



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