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Tailor Made CBT

Application Overview

It is well known that seafarers have to be familiar with several regulations in order to follow up vessel`s tight operational schedule. In these days after five years of ISM implementation it is clear that many of the problems faced are mainly due to ineffective crew familiarisation with several company or regulatory requirements.

Common problems faced in these days are the following :

  • Small companies do not have the expertise to properly address the issue of crew training effectively
  • Training should incorporate a wide range of aspects that in most of the cases are not being addressed
  • Seafarers flying directly to vessel are not getting any kind of company induction before joining vessel
  • System for the documentation of training is not effective

Application Topics

Application topics include but not limited to:
  • SMS familiarization
  • Communication requirements
  • Emergency response
  • Essential instructions to seafarers as apply by company`s safety management system.
  • Safe working Practices
  • Familiarization with applicable Codes, Rules & Regulations.
  • Environmental Protection


We ensure that the application provided will be:
  • Fully tailored to client specific requirements
  • Consistent with Company ISM or any other additional standard requirements
  • Accompanied with introduction / instruction material in order to accelerate introduction onboard
  • Up to date with future legislation in accordance with our Support Policy

Support & Service Range

Attractive Support and Service Range

International Business Services provides with full support with:

  • On site demonstration
  • User training
  • Written instructions regarding effective use and troubleshooting
  • Application updates depending the contract terms

Languages Supported

English   Greek


The solutions we provide include the following features

Compliance with regulations

The training applications developed by SQE provide the most cost & time effective crew / shore based personnel familiarisation with safety and ISM Company requirements. Each application is being tailored on a company SMS specific basis to incorporate any special requirement.

Compliance with Industry and Company standards

The application requires no advanced computer skills and it can be used by:

  • Office personnel responsible for the seafarers or shore based personnel familiarisation

  • Manning Agents during engagement process of seafarers

  • Newly recruited seafarers during ashore or on board familiarisation / induction

  • On board training Officers & Instructors

  • Full Tailoring of each specific application


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